The Road Forward

We have identified the "challenges" which in marketing terms means potential market needs and demand.  ZaPVir Inc has defined its entry point and initial products to meet market needs and demand. 

What is the initial market in the United States? 26 Million chronic sinus sufferers and 100 million seasonal sinus and nasal sufferers, A market hungry for relief solutions that work!  

Add to this nearly everyone in the United States having 1 to 3 bouts of sore throat annually and you add more than 150 Million people as potential customers for our Sore Throat product solution. 

Overall, these markets represents a massive and significant sales target where consumers are already spending Billions of Dollars for relief and potentially a big chunk of that being spent on inferior products that go only to symptomatic relief. The vast majority of the Sinus, Nasal and Throat incidents can be connected to "germs".  There is our "niche". Products that target germs and enhance the body's immune system. 

To understand where the pricing model fits into the overall markets, we would say, "The ZapVir Inc products will be... more expensive than most of the OTC products in the category, but because of their unique  characteristics and benefits they command a premium price.  Why? The products work, and consumers are willing to pay for products that provide the relief they are seeking! This pricing and positioning philosophy has been proven over the years on both brick and mortar and E-Commerce markets.    

Fact is that the entire Sinus, Nasal and Oral/Throat market(s) are supplied with products that merely deal with post infection symptoms. ZapVir Inc's initial and forthcoming product pipeline focus on targeting the germs potentially at the root of the discomfort and helping the body eliminate the germs allowing the body's natural defences to provide ultimate relief. 

ZapVir Inc anticipates commencing marketing and sales of SinoFresh Antiseptic Homeopathic Sinus and Nasal Care Spray before September 1, 2019. The Company looks to launch initial marketing and sales of Kool Blast Sore Throat Spray on or before January 1, 2020 followed by SinoSooth Nasal Cleanser Spray by June 1, 2020. 

ZapVir Inc anticipates participating in the exciting Crowd Funding finance markets to raise ongoing capital which will be focused on buying inventories and building marketing campaigns to be focused on making the public aware of the exciting products. Underpinning the plan and schedule will be re-introduction to the national markets of SinoFresh Antiseptic Homeopathic Sinus and Nasal Care Spray which allows the company to literally hit the ground running! 

ZapVir INc Management anticipates that once base revenues are established that the Company may seek to file a Registration Statement with the SEC under Regulation A+ and seek to go effective and one day be a reporting public company. UNder Regulation A+, Small Cap Companies who qualify and are granted effectivity as Audited Tier II Companies, can raise up to $50 Million dollars in the public capital market and be ultimately listed and their shares publicly traded. 

* The Company makes no guarantee or warranty, implied or other that it's goals and plans will be achieved including any suggestion of future revenues or profitability. Such plans and goals are dependent on raising adequate financing in compliance with any and all Offering Rules and regulations and successfully implementing the over all business plans as conceived. No offer to sell securities is being made or implied by this informational only website presentation.