Germs Cause Illnesses

The reality is that humankind is in a war.  Germs represent the most significant cause of human illness and suffering and ultimately the greatest threat to the human race. We know that a large percentage of germs enter human hosts through the nose and the mouth. But where to start and how to make an impact and be successful as a small business start up?

ZapVir Inc's market and product analysis shows that the Nasal/Sinus and Sore Throat Care Over The Counter (OTC) markets are significantly underserved by effective products. 

Ok. so what do these two market areas have to do with germs? Well, there are an estimated 26 Million Chronic Sinusitis sufferers in the United States. Up to 100 Million people have seasonal and other issues periodically that we would define as Sinus and Nasal distress.  Over $26 Billion is spent annually on Sinus and Nasal distress relief. Major medical studies have  determined that Sinusitis is predominantly caused by what? Germs! Also known as Viruses, Bacteria, Molds and Fungi. Seasonal or periodic Sinus and Nasal issues are also the bi-product of.... Yep, Germs! Colds, Flu's and other "bugs". 

Then, we discovered that more than 60  products in the market target only symptomatic relief. and some have un intended consequences such as being addictive, causing rebound congestion and providing some relief for a short period such as saline rinses, neti pots, vaporizers, decongestant sprays, pills and other products. 

Similarly, how many of us have felt that "tickle" or raspiness in our throats which a short time later manifests into a Sore Throat? Yep, those pesky germs at work again in many cases. Almost everyone gets a sore throat at some time during the year and 15 Million of those show up in Doctor's offices!

So then, what might happen if you target those germs in your Nose and Throat and give your body's natural defences a chance to potentially help eliminate the threat AND get immediate symptomatic relief? 

You got it! Potential long term relief! It doesn't take a genius to figure all this out, as all of us including you reading this have had these germ driven experiences! 

So, we begin to fight the War On Germs by first tackling Sinus/Nasal and Oral/Throat relief! Our starting point in the War on Germs!