The Lean Business Model

The Virtual Company



Almost every aspect of corporate operations of ZapVir Inc in working the Lean Business Model will be achieved through horizontal integration. This includes the use of the Internet, supported by operational software programs and cyber-communicating tools. ZapVir Inc's Operating Model is quintessentially the "Virtual Company" that allows the management team to be completely globally functional and productive while not being tethered to a traditional central "office" location or setting. Manufacturing, Fulfillment and Warehousing is also all outsourced and contracted for. The ZapVir Inc Management Team is currently Geographically spread from NY, to VA to FL and Organized and Domiciled in Wyoming. This is a team of “seasoned” professionals who have embraced the concept of virtual business operations and the use of outsourced corporate production and technologies through its understanding an implementation of the Business Model. The priority focus of the Management Team is on producing revenues and profitability. Key elements of accounting, manufacturing and marketing are all achieved through effective contract outsourcing. The Company will in the future evaluate and analyze any potential benefits of any vertical integration or more traditional corporate development on a cost/capital/benefit basis. Management believes that a small management and administrative core can achieve and manage significant growth without significantly ramping up personnel and other overhead costs, and that if the business model is being implemented properly, the administrative and operational costs should be a DECREASING percentage of gross sales, and not an INCREASING percentage of gross sales. 

ZapVir Inc is a MISSION FOCUSED Business, and management knows that by using and constantly reviewing metrics of the Lean Business Model plan and consistently executing on the Mission operated by senior experienced and well connected business people the ability to achieve significant success is greatly enhanced. Starting with a market tested Premier Product such as Sinofresh Homeopathic Antiseptic Sinus and Nasal Care Spray also very substantially mitigated risk as history has proven with this product that when adequate capital is applied to advertising, product sales respond very favorably.